Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in investment banking, private equity, asset management, or consulting?

Are you interested in networking with top multinational asset management firms?

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and have the internship experience of a lifetime?

If so, then the GFI2 Global Finance Investment Internship may be for you!

The GFI² program is the Marriott School’s premier international investing internship program and capstone of the Asset Management track of the Finance program. This program offers the unique opportunity of being part of the nation's only true global, student-managed investment fund. Graduates from the program leave with valuable leadership and international experience and in-depth knowledge of top investing tools and strategies.

For 2017, students will have the opportunity to travel for four weeks across Europe, enjoying the rich history and beauty of cities like Rome, London, and Paris. In addition, students will meet with executives of top firms to conduct interviews, getting direct feedback of company performance, strategy, and competitive positioning enabling more informed valuations for the investment fund.

Here’s how it works:

 The semester before the trip, students are assigned 20-25 companies to analyze. Students learn to perform country and industry analysis, financial modeling, and valuations for a real investment fund.

 Students travel internationally for four weeks to visit these firms in their respective countries where they will interview management and finalize their analyses and valuations.

 Following the trip, students present their findings to local portfolio managers and provide recommendations for investment in the student-led fund.

“I participated in investing real money as well as evaluating, leading, and interacting with tradeable companies. Now this experience is helping me get the jobs with the firms I want to work for as everyone is interested in my international experience.”
—Samuel Sherman, Finance Senior

Participate in the nation’s only true global, student-managed investment fund

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