Alexis Cooper Trip: Asia 2015 & Europe 2016

Resume: Mercer Consulting, HSBC Equity Research

The first time I went on the GFI2 trip, I wasn't sure what kind of career I wanted to have, but as a result of those experiences, I knew I wanted it to be in markets. As I interviewed across investment banks and looked into other positions, this experience was the only line on my resume anyone wanted to talk about. When I interviewed at HSBC, I was able to leverage the valuation process and GFI2 process we used on the trip to my advantage in recruiting and interviewing, ultimately landing the job! Jim and Bryan's career advice has also been invaluable in helping me choose what I want to do, what is important in a career, and how I want to live my life.

Bracken Seaberg Trip: Asia 2015

Resume: Sorenson Capital, Health Catalyst, Ernst & Young, Cumming Investment Company

The most valuable part of the GFA program was the framework they provided on how to analyze companies and investments. Because the framework is so complete, it allows me to apply the same methodology to all of my investing ideas. The program in essence gave me the foundation for how I think about and analyze potential investments. The framework is so powerful because it is a complete outline that can be applied in any investment analysis.

Katalin Bolliger Trip: Asia 2014

Resume: JP Morgan Chase & Co

The study abroad was a fantastic way to combine my love of both business and travel. Being able to expand my analysis into the international space helped me broaden my understanding and appreciation for global business trends. Although most companies I currently work with are predominantly headquartered in the United States, a large percentage of them have an international component in today's global environment. Being able to have a frame of reference for business operations outside of the US, in addition to traveling outside of the country, have been great sources of context for my client conversations.

Cheristy Beck Trip: Europe 2016

Resume: Goldman Sachs

The GFA program helped give me a global understanding of business and a practical knowledge of investment strategy. The inspiring peers and mentors I spent time with during the internship enabled me to build proficiency in company valuation, as well as improve my analytical skills as a value investor. As a student of accounting, I feel this opportunity was invaluable to expand my investment management ability. In addition to the academic strength I gained, GFA also provided an environment to explore my worldview and search for areas for personal growth. I know that the knowledge and experiences I gained in the GFA program will continue to be a great asset in my career.

Connor Dunn Trip: Europe 2016

Resume: Walmart Corporate

I went on the GFI2 trip to gain asset management experience as well as to broaden my horizons on the world. I also participated in the FIN 409 class beforehand where I learned modeling and valuation. My primary reason for taking the class and doing the internship was to help me decide between Corporate Finance and Asset Management. Without the internship, I would still be struggling to decide what aspects of finance I enjoy most. The GFI2 asset management trip was great because it allowed me to complete two internships in two different areas of finance in one summer: Asset Management and Corporate Finance. I was very grateful I went and I gained valuable experience I could not get elsewhere.

Sydney Keddington Trip: Europe 2016

Resume: Altalink – Private Equity, Campus Founders Fund – Venture Capital

I've decided to pursue a career in Management Consulting. GFI2 has taught me lessons that will transfer through and beyond the recruiting process and also has helped me stand out amongst other strategy majors seeking similar positions. I now realize the value in developing a global perspective to make sound valuation and investment decisions. I was taught valuation principles, methods, and frameworks, and was introduced to ratio analysis for the first time, through which I learned the basics of how to analyze companies from a purely quantitative perspective. I learned that it is important to become comfortable with ambiguity in problem-solving. I realized the importance of supplementing personal knowledge and experience with data to back claims. Lastly, I took away important life lessons including goal-setting and creating a personal mission statement, and aligning my goals and ambitions with my personal values.

Justin Rupper Trip: Asia 2015

Resume: KLA-Tencor

I value the analytical principles and valuation techniques taught in the GFA study abroad program as some of the most useful information I learned from my entire BYU education. In no other BYU study abroad program or internship can you experience the same influential knowledge from the program professors, company and country visits. As a direct result of my Asia study abroad program, and thanks to the exposure and understanding of the semiconductor industry I obtained, I was able to secure my current job!

Bryan Briggs Trip: Asia 2014

Resume: Wells Fargo

The GFA study abroad program was an invaluable experience on multiple levels. 1) The study abroad brought me to new countries and new cultures, giving me an appreciation of how companies are managed in different parts of the world. 2) The study abroad helped sharpen my ability to distill hours of analysis into a few direct questions for more efficient/professional interaction with company management. 3) The study abroad deepened my BYU and non-BYU network, allowing me to connect with individuals from across campus and across the world.

Kaleb Nordwald Trip: Europe 2016

Resume: KPMG M&A

GFI2 taught me multiple ways to approach investing, specifically using both a bottom-up and top-down approach, as well as how to quickly access situations by using back-of-the-envelope. Beyond investing, GFI2 helped me learn how to make life decisions, the how and importance to maintaining my values in the professional world, and gave me an understanding of how upper management views challenges and opportunities by consistently having exposure to them. With so many new insights gained, I know GFI2 will have a very positive impact on my future.

Dan Schuetz Trip: Asia 2014

Resume: Adobe

GFA allowed me a relatively inexpensive way to set myself apart from candidates in a major way. The faculty offer a wealth of knowledge and insight about how to look at investing (and job searching) that cannot be gleaned from a traditional classroom setting with large numbers of people. I have yet to be in an interview where this experience did not impress and invite questions.

Shaun Goh Trip: Asia 2014

Resume: Credit Suisse

The GFA program helped me develop critical thinking and expand my horizons to the options available out in the workplace.

Christian Thatcher Trip: Europe 2017

Resume: Barclays 

Hands down, my internship with the GFI2 program was the most fun and applicable experience of my college career. Jim and Brian have carefully modeled the program to?provide the exposure necessary for students to be competitive candidates for jobs on Wall Street. Personally, I especially appreciated the coaching on thinking like an investor. I have used the framework taught by Jim and Brian in every interview I've had since the trip. Additionally, I made great friends and memories while traveling through some of Europe's most coveted destinations. It's a win-win situation. Travel the world and separate yourself professionally. If you're on the fence, I would highly recommend that you participate in the GFI2 program. Highest ROI of any BYU program!?

Brayden Willie Trip: Europe 2017

Resume: Lazard Middle Market

The knowledge and experience I gained as a result of the GFI2 experience helped lay the foundation?of my career. I learned valuable quantitative and qualitative skills that helped me both in interviews and summer internships. The unique real-world experience that the Global Finance Investment Internship provides is unparalleled. In addition to this, Bryan and Jim bring years of industry expertise and knowledge, giving students an opportunity to learn from two of the very best.?

Will Higham Trip: Europe 2018

Resume: McKinsey & Company

GFI2 provided me with countless lessons and memories, but three things made the most impact: the mentorship of the instructors, an expanded understanding of what drives value in an organization, and an improved cultural intelligence. Not only did the instructors know the business of investing, but they created an experience that allowed us to gain an understanding of a variety of business careers. I felt that visiting many companies, across a variety of industries, allowed me to identify the common drivers of value in the business landscape and gain a greater business vocabulary. The world we work in is increasingly global, and GFI2 helped cultivate a cultural awareness in me that has already benefitted me in the work place.

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